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PC Health Check

PC Health Check

Why do your PC need a Health check?

Answer is simple. Over a period of time all computers tend to 'slow down' - this is sometimes known as 'Lazy Windows Syndrome' - do not panic - we've got a cure!

As part of the health check service, we will carry out the following work:- 

Virus/Spyware scan & removal, Disk check & defragment, Removal of unnecessary start-up programs, Internal & external valet, Inspection of system fans & ensure working effectively, CMOS Battery is replace, Windows System is Cleaned, Cookies are Cleaned, Unwanted junk and temporary files are removed, Internet Explorer is cleaned, Unwanted tool bars are removed, Visual inspection of hardware to identify any imminent problems... Plus we provide you with a full Engineers Report - this will tell you of our findings and any potential problems we've identified from carrying out the health check.

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