PC Sales & Services-Americanline Limited T/A Computer Line

Americanline Limited T/A Computer Line

PC Sales & Services

PC Sales & Service 


We can supply following:

     Own Built High Quality and High Specification PC
     PC components
     Branded Notebooks like Sony, Acer HP & Toshiba.
     Peripherals - Like Printers, Scanners, External Hard Drives, and Network Storage etc. 

Buying a PC is no simple task, with all the different component options and suppliers out there, how do you choose which one to go with? We focus purely on supplying custom PCs, we know the technology. We have been established for over 20 years and have thousands of happy customers. We believe we offer the best overall package - Competitive prices, wide range of the best components, excellent customer service and technical support, and above all the custom PC like no other.

Our custom Built PC is the best among it's class. Seeing it believing! Other standard PC cannot do what our custom Built PC can do.

RE: The Best PC from American Line Limited


The loss of business information and personal files can potentially be catastrophic and can be devastating   to any Business. But American Line has   a solution that can ensure   this doesent have to be devastating. And this solution is not so expensive. Now every business can afford this. Lots of customers have said "Thank goodness - There is American Line to save a day".


There is no other PC out there except our built PC that is same and can do what our PC can do. Not even Dell PC, Not even HP PC can do what our built PC can do. There is no PC out there that can do what our PC can do. Our PC   can do total clone backup image of your Hard Drive Data and system, the lot. And this clone is 100% identical to original. It is also cable to boot and load the system.


Only our built PC can do 100% clone backup that is also bootable & also removable. It can also do multiple backup in minutes - not hours. Seeing is believing. Once you have our PC System then there will be no excuse for not backing up your complete business information and personal files.

You can back up all your company data onto post-it-notes, because post-it notes never crash!? But then you need too many of these! And what if there was fire! And what if cleaners vacuumed one up!


There is no other PC out there except our built PC that is same as can do what our PC can do. Not even Dell, Not even HP. Not any. This can do total clone backup. And this clone is 100% identical to original and can even work as Identical PC is inserted in another of our similar PC. 

If you need a quote or a   Guide Price then please click Contact Me Form button. OR call Bhaskar Patel on 02086550088 for details.

Please contact 
Mr. Bhaskar Patel on Tel: 02086550088 or Email
bhaskar@americanline.co.uk for all your Hardware/Software and PC Services requirments.