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In today's business world, we know that you need your email to be reliable and also it should look professional. It has to be easy to use and easy to manage.

The Business Email address has to be Professional: 

A personalised email address using your company's domain name is fantastic for your business as it allows you to communicate with your customers using a professional and relevant and easy to remember email address name.


So, no more mybusiness@hotmail.com, be smart with sales@mybusiness.com

Look to email marketing campaigns as a way to increase sales because the fact is, it works. Consider as evidence a statement from the Direct Marketing Association that says your return on investment, or ROI, with Professional email like sales@americanline.co.uk is more than you will get from domestic email address like bhaskar@hotmail.com .

For your Professional Email service we can carry out the following work:- 

  • Register and setup your professional email address like sales@americanline.co.uk.
  • Configure and integrate your email in Microsoft Outlook.
  • We can recommend Email Backup if required.
  • Virus/spyware scan for the email and attachment.
  • Disk check & defragment.

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